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Capital FM can play even less specialist music

Capital FM can now play even less jazz after it had its request to reduce the amount of ‘specialist content’ it has to play per week approved by Ofcom. The station, owned by Global Radio, will now only have to play 12 hours a week of ‘identifiable specialist music programmes’, as […]

Murs attacks

So here’s today’s challenge. Watch the first seven seconds of this Olly Murs ‘video content’ without shouting OH FUCK OFF YOU MASSIVE CUNT at your computer. [youtube]5I0sFrTjI2Y[/youtube] JESUS CHRIST. The following 44 seconds aren’t much better either. WHO chooses the hospitality area of Glastonbury (?!) as the place to plug […]

Anyone for a JLS pearl necklace?

The best bit of the Capital FM Summertime Ball programme was this double page spread of solid gold (effect) pop merch amazingness: JLS and Saturdays jewellery, available from Argos. None of the items are up here with the amazing Michael Jackson charm bracelet from last year but lo at products […]

Some words re JLS’ new single ‘The Club Is Alive’

About a year ago the Epic Records bigwig partly responsible many centuries ago for Another Level and Blue got very excited in front of us. Having signed JLS – another British boyband whose logo was destined to be tattooed across the face of Capital FM’s entire audience – he was […]

Another quick thing about BBC radio then we’ll be quiet

The BBC’s chief operating officer, Caro Thomson, is in The Guardian today talking to ‘media executives’ about 6 Music. Her point – sit down before you read this – is that 37-year-olds (37 being the age of 6 Music’s average listener) are catered for by commercial radio. She goes on […]

The greatest website in the history of everything

WE LOVE COMPAREMYRADIO.COM. It is a website which compares playlist data from all the big UK radio stations then tells you who’s playing what how often, and which radio stations you should be listening to. One of the really interesting things is that you can search by song, so you […]

Advance Warning Of Spontaneous Fan Bedlam

It wouldn’t be a ‘successful US band comes to UK for whirlwind media spree’ without fans mysteriously appearing outside venues and traffic wardens appearing on local TV news reports saying “I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s like Beatlemania etc etc etc”. For reasons far too long winded and harrowing […]

Remembrance Sunday: The Tamperer – ‘Hammer To The Heart’

httpv:// The known facts: 1. This song is basically 'Hung Up' meets 'Something Kinda Oooh', except seven years ago. 2. If someone released 'Hammer To The Heart' tomorrow it would be Number One this time next week. Except it only got to Number 6 in 2000 because of problems with […]