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Singles Of The Year: more than 45, if you want them

This year’s Top 45 Singles Of The Year list was really hard to put together. Firstly, the standard was extraordinarily high. Yes we know some twat is probably going “WELL IT CAN’T HAVE BEEN THAT HIGH IF ‘STARSHIPS’ WAS ON THE LIST!!!!LOL” but most of you will get the idea. […]


The Top 45 Singles Of 2012

Well here we are. We’ll be honest, there are loads of incredible singles that didn’t make it into the Top 45. But don’t complain to us. Complain to the people responsible for the amazing singles that did make it. COMPLAIN TO POP MUSIC FOR BEING TOO GOOD. GO ON. SEE […]

The singles of the year…

We’ve done our annual list of songs which are quite nice to listen to. If you would like to have a lo, click here. The ten best albums of the year, if you are wondering, are by: 1. Private 2. Dragonette 3. Girls Aloud 4. Britney Spears 5. Rihanna 6. […]

Better than the other new Lily Allen

This week you have probably been busy buying the Kate Nash album because all the posters you’ve seen around the place have made it lo really good. Also, obviously, ‘Foundations’ is one of the best pop singles of the year. However as London based singer songwriters who have been compared […]

Stop holding your breath, Enrique Iglesias is back

Do you know what it feels like loving someone who's in a rush to throw you away? Enrique Iglesias does and he has done The Best Song Of His Career in order to tell us all about it. This brings his grand total of good songs to FOUR. Let's have […]

10 Things About The New Jamelia Single

1. It is called ‘Something About You’ and it was written by Jamelia (kerching!) with Soulshock and Peter Biker, who also produced it. 2. It sounds like a Jamelia record but it has the verses of a Robyn track. It also has the chorus of ‘Since U Been Gone’, except […]