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Radio 1 vs Capital FM: which station takes the best picture using the same ‘raw materials’?

There is a lot of rivalry between Capital FM and Radio 1 but after you take into account playlists, DJs and listening figures at the end of the day it always comes down to how a station copes when celebrities visit. This morning popular singing five-piece Girls Aloud (‘Christmas Round At Ours’, […]

Boyzone’s new single: it’s no ‘Patience’, but it’s better than Boyzone songs usually are

In his role as Magic FM disc jockey Boyzone‘s Ronan Keating managed to bag the first play of Boyzone’s new single ‘Gave It All Away’ yesterday afternoon, and despite a slightly odd sound it’s sort of brilliant. The first words you hear are Gato singing “I will learn to live […]

And you can Qwote us on that*

Air Supply’s ‘All Out Of Love': a solid gold Magic FM blubathon right up there with ‘If You Leave Me Now’ and, er, various others. The song has now been given a dodgy 2008 R&B ‘spin’ by an artist calling himself Qwote (perhaps that should be “Qwote”, HA HA HA), […]

What are Alphabeat’s new album tracks like, then?

Answer: literally quite good. Their album’s been out ‘back home’ for a while now so they’ve given the whole thing a spring clean, booting out some old tracks, tarting up some others and introducing some new ones. ‘Touch Me Touching You': is a frenetic electronic sort of thing. ‘Go-Go': sees […]