advent calendar

Let’s have a look at the One Direction advent calendar

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. Yeah, YOU HEARD ME. Time take a final lo your One Direction advent calendar before the image is torn apart like an open wound day after day throughout December. But before we start pretending we want subpar chocolate than we want an undisturbed One […]


Nine songs we want to hear on the Kelly Clarkson Christmas album

So apparently Kelly Clarkson is recording a Christmas album. This is good news. Christmas is good. Kelly Clarkson is also good. In fact Kelly Clarkson is probably even better than Christmas. Details are sketchy but what we’re really hoping is that it will be called ‘Our December’ and feature the […]


3x Versions Of ‘Christmas Wrapping’ Worth A Festive Listen

While we wait for Robbie Williams to unleash the ‘Candy’ / ‘Christmas Wrapping’ mashup he must SURELY have d up (come on Willo you’ve only got seven days to get it on), here are three rather listenable versions of one of the greatest Christmas songs in THE HISTORY OF CHRISTMAS. […]


The Popjustice Festive Pissup is TODAY from 3pm onwards

UPDATE: Well that all went well. Massive thanks to everyone who came along, performed at and helped organise such a fun night. Hurrah! We’ll be at Cargo on Rivington Street in London (nearest public transport things are Old Street and Shoreditch High Street) from 3pm. It’s free entry so if […]


Bright Light Bright Light’s festive gift to mankind

Your friend and ours Rod ‘Rod ‘Bright Light Bright Light’ Thomas’ Thomas has put together a festive (as they tend to be) advent calendar for all his fans and it consists of 24 different mashups in which numerous pop songs are combined with Rod’s own wonderful tunes. He’s made an […]


Cee Lo Green is releasing a Christmas album with an absurd sleeve

It’s that time again. Cee Lo Green is to release his own Christmas album. You may have noticed that the artwork has fallen somewhere in this post. ‘Cee Lo’s Magic Moment’ (!) is, according to Cee Lo himself, “the real deal [and] a soulful take on Christmas classics”. Songs included on this festive […]


Tracey Thorn is releasing a Christmas album (in October)

Tracey Thorn is releasing a Christmas album this October. The observant readers will notice we have placed the artwork somewhere in this post. Anyway the album is entitled ‘Tinsel and Lights’. It’s to feature 10 songs and we imagine they will all be based on the Christmas tradition in […]

Lady Gaga weird face

Lady Gaga will be releasing a new song on Christmas Day

Lady Gaga will give away a previously unreleased song from the ‘Born This Way’ sessions on Christmas Day. Announcing the plan on , Gaga said: “Been racking my brain on what to get Little Monsters for Christmas!! I finally figured it out!!” The suspense was obviously palpable, so she quickly offered up […]

Top Of The Pops

Top Of The Pops was a primetime (before they dicked it around) BBC1 (until they dicked it around) chart countdown (until they dicked it around) which (until they dicked it around) reflected what was popular in the Top 40 and (until the afore-mentioned dicking around) pulled in audience of millions […]


A ‘stan’ is a mental fool. The name comes from the fact that they are a ‘stalker/fan’, and from the lead character in Eminem’s anthem of foolmentalness, ‘Stan’ (hence the name). 78% of people who use the term ‘stan’ are in fact stans themselves, but if you suggest that perhaps […]

NotChristmas cards of the stars: Adam Lambert

So this card-shaped envelope arrived yesterday. Slightly unnervingly it arrived at our home address but we are trying not to thnk too much about the ramifications of this. “That late arrival is slightly shoddy, Lambert,” we thought. “Christmas was literally LAST YEAR.” But Lambo was one step ahead. It’s a […]

Lady Gaga’s back

This… …is the first image from Lady Gaga‘s ‘Born This Way’ album campaign. You can see her bottom but you can’t see her can’t see her no you can’t see her face. The photograph was shot by Nick Knight (who to cut a long story short basically invented amazing photography) […]


Let’s have a rummage around in a branch of HMV.

A few Christmasses ago we went off to a branch of Zavvi (formerly a Virgin Megastore) to see what they had on their shelves. Well, that branch of Zavvi has since closed along with the rest of them and is now an HMV. God only knows who’ll own the shop […]

Anyone for stuffing?

If you’re going home for Christmas, or if you’re already there, why not liven up Christmas Day’s mid afternoon pile o’ food by finding the Christmas crackers, meticulously dismantling them, then replacing the jes with this succession of pop-related corkers? (Click for full size.) Hurrah.

It’s bad news for Yeo Valley Boyz feat Mr George.

Right then – we’ve had a lo through what’s likely to be in this Sunday’s Top 200 and, after taking out all the boring normal stuff, have been left with a list of what we suppose must be this year’s most popular Christmas tunes. We’ve included proper Christmas songs as […]

Hurts have done an amazing video for their Christmas song.

This morning we premiered Hurts‘ ‘All I Want For Christmas Is New Year’s Day’ as today’s Song Of The Day. With the song’s bleak but optimistic outlo (“I know there’ll be tidings of joy this time next year but happiness has never felt so far away”) it’s a brilliant addition […]

Christmas is in turmoil but we’ve got a solution

We got sent this bo the other day. It’s the sort of bo people give to other people as gifts, except we can’t give this to anyone because it screams ARRIVED IN THE POST ONE DAY. But that’s not the only reason we can’t give it to anyone. The other […]

Time to ‘get educated’ by John Lewis

“Educate yourself”, someone said in a tweet to us earlier today. They included a link to this. [youtube]D9AFMVMl9qE[/youtube] What, one wonders, is the ‘education’ we are supposed to have received from watching Ellie Goulding banging out ‘Your Song’, the tune featured in the new John Lewis Christmas ad campaign? Should […]