This great new tune from Canada-via-NYC-and-just-moved-to-London singer, songwriter and popstar-in-waiting Kiesza just got its first proper play on Annie Mac's Radio 1 programme.

Kiesza's biog stuff states that she was almost recruited by the army as a sniper and she certainly hits the mark (YOU'RE FIRED - ED) with this song. As regular Popjustice visitors will be well aware, if there's one thing we love more than pop music that sounds like dance music it's pop music that sounds like dance music while also being dance music that sounds like pop music and we reckon 'Hideaway' fits the bill pretty nicely.

Also, and there really aren't letters capital enough for this statement, SHE HAS COVERED HADDAWAY'S 'WHAT IS LOVE'.

Listen to this very carefully, because you will be hearing a shitload (technical music biz term) of stuff from Kiesza in the next twelve months.

Label: Lokal Legend
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