If the follow-up to the mighty 'Hideaway' had turned out to be shit we would have been bloody furious. As it turns out, we must channel our fury in a different direction, which is actually great news because we're off to the garden centre this weekend and based on previous visits that will provide ample opportunity to offload some shouting.

One of the things we like about Kiesza is that her first big single for Virgin, released earlier this year came with artwork that had an actual person on it.

If you look through the current Top 40 singles a lot of the releases at the housier end of the pop spectrum are borderline anonymous, yet here's Kiesza going "YES THANKS I'M A POPSTAR".

Mind you, you can hear as much in the tune (which just premiered on Annie Mac's Radio 1 show) right? Ambition, talent, a refreshing songwriting sensibility and a working knowledge of dance music that sounds like pop music as well as pop music that sounds like dance music.

There aren't many artists you can say that about.

Label: 'Lokal Legend' (Virgin)
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