Nelly Furtado
'All Good Things'

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Despite the lack of a video in which Nelly loses a dog — surely, in 'Maneater', the defining vidular 'motif' of 2006 — 'All Good Things' is both a BALLAD and A SONG WHICH SOUNDS LIKE 2006. Westlife, are you reading this?

It is a song about things being good and then becoming shit. ("A bit like Popjustice" — The World.)

The song is also proof that Chris Martin should stick to writing songs for other artists to perform, instead of flogging away at his own band, Coldplay. CHRIS. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU'VE GOT 161,000 MYSPACE FRIENDS — YOUR BAND WON'T GET A RECORD DEAL SO JUST GIVE UP AND STICK TO WRITING FOR OTHER PEOPLE.

Also out this week…

SINGLES: The indie vs pop debate won't go away but The Fratellis at least make a

hands-across-the-water gesture by covering a McFly b-side, The Zutons fail to regain

any cred­ib­il­ity after the still-breath­tak­ingly-childish 'Valerie' video, Albert

Hammond Jr's single is better than you might expect and The Killers' is worse than you

might expect, Fergie's 'Fergilicious' isn't as good as its video but is better

than the Fergie-esque Gwen single, which is a sorry state of affairs, Shakira's

'Illegal' is not exactly as amazing as 'Hips Don't Lie', Lostprophets' 'Can't Catch Tomorrow' is like Panic At The Disco without any depth,

humour, intel­li­gence, warmth or charisma, Booty Luv's 'Boogie 2Nite' has a good chorus

and terrible verses, and The Dykeenies' 'Waiting For Go' is great but not much fun.

ALBUMS: Take That's 'Beautiful World' only comes close to 'Patience' once or twice but comes in one of those boxes with rounded edges, Il Divo get it (unlisten­ably) right and G4

get it (also unlisten­ably) wrong, Faithless release yet another album without

'Insomnia' on it, and Incubus are still going.

Take That

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Westlife were dreadful on X-Factor on Saturday and we are still not sure what note Mark was trying for when he shouted at the end.

So it is lucky that Take That are now doing Westlife songs a lot better than Westlife them­selves. The other day we played 'Patience' on repeat until we had no option other than to listen to the not-quite-as-good b side to give ourselves a rest.

The single charted at Number 4 last night on download sales and will probably be Number One this week unless Jet have a spurt. If Jet do have a spurt we do not want to be around to see it.

Also out this week…

SINGLES: 'Too Little Too Late' by JoJo is far better than it has any right to be, although the obvious joke is in the title with this one and she is probably still too young to under­stand 'irony'. Similarly, Lostprophets are showing no warning signs of devel­op­ing a sense of humour as the dread­fully titled 'Can't Catch Tomorrow' proves, although there are equally joyless records in the shops by Faithless, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jet and, as an you may be aware, misery does love company. The worst Pink single of all time, 'Nobody Knows', is also out and so is another good song by The Feeling, although nobody actually needs to hear 'I Love It When You Call' to have some sort of idea how it sounds.

ALBUMS: Matt Willis' 'Don't Let It Go To Waste' album is in the shops today and is much better than a third Busted album would have been, unlike the Gloria Estefan greatest hits. Also in the shops is something ter­ri­fy­ing from Michael Bolton, who is now singing songs by Frank Sinatra — a sort of 'Swing When You're Washed Up And Get A Tax Bill'. The Beatles' 'Love' album is quite good too, but a) it's by The Beatles, and b) we've had the Matt Willis album on at PJHQ a lot more, so we'd recommend you buy that instead.