The Sugababes have released a behind the scenes video for comeback single 'Freedom'.

Perhaps unsur­pris­ingly, the girls are finding their 'freedom' in a club setting complete with 'Freak Like Me'-esque red lighting.

We learn various bits and pieces during the three and half minute clip. For example, the director  states quite frankly that the video's about "making the girls look on top of their game" and sounds relieved when he says, "luckily the girls look fantastic".

Elsewhere, Jade lets us know that the video is very much "editorial, high-fashion, sexy 'n' dark" with "a bit of glisten­ing, a bit of dew" (whatever that means). Amelle gives us her own personal inter­pret­a­tion on the new track — it's about "being free, liberated and being powerful".  Thanks Amelle. Finally, Heidi informs us that her favorite thing about the video is that she gets to wear big shoulder pads.

And yes, there will be dance routines.