If Madonna thinks she can perform past the 10.30pm curfew at her Hyde Park show tonight tonight then she needs to think again.

John Probyn, chief operating officer of Live Nation, was quoted by the Evening Standard as saying the following when asked about the Bruce Springsteen 'debacle' from the other night: "It won’t happen again. We’ve had lengthy con­ver­sa­tions with Madonna’s people. They contacted us."

"We’ve worked out with them what time she needs to go on stage to finish on time. That’s all in hand."

Asked if he'd pull the plug on Madge should they need to, Probyn said: "Yes. We’d have no choice. We are effect­ively breaking the law if we carry on. There’s not a lot we can do. She will finish on time."

To be honest if they wanted to do it during something off 'Hard Candy' then that would probably be alright.