Lady Gaga

'I Can't Lose' hitmaker Mark Ronson has described the music he's been making with Lady Gaga as "honest", "authentic" and — wait for it — "analogue".

During an interview with Charlie Rose, Ronson said the following things about Gaga's talent and voice:

"I've been working for the past few months with Lady Gaga on her upcoming record and I'm just blown away by her talent, her voice. She's a muso at heart. She's the happiest when she's sitting at a piano barking orders at the drummer, and I don't think that's the side of her the world has seen."

So what have they seen Mark? Have they seen the massive pop singles, tours and dance numbers?

"They've seen the massive pop singles, tours, and dance numbers, so it's really great to make this very honest, authentic, analog kind of record with her."

Obviously massive pop singles and dance numbers can be honest and authentic, we're sure Mark didn't mean anything by it. He's a sensible man. Let's not start an argument.