The facts:

  • Fetish is "the follow up to Gomez’s crit­ic­ally acclaimed single 'Bad Liar' which is flying up the charts around the world", ie there's certainly no laurel-related resting going on at Gomez HQ.
  • Gucci Mane turns up, because it has now been passed into law that female pop artists are incapable of doing the old song-fronting thing by them­selves.
  • Jonas Jeberg and The Futuristics produced the track, which continues Selgo's good work in the under­rated genre of sultry whis­per­pop.
  • The artwork pictures Selena encoun­ter­ing dif­fi­culty on her way home from the shops. Fortunately the shop she's been to is one that sells car parts, and she'll have this problem fixed in less than ten minutes.
  • Here's the song, which comes with moving visuals featuring Selena per­form­ing the song, but can we be quite clear that this is not the video, just some visuals, in fact it's actually just billed as 'audio' so please respect the artist's wishes and look away while it's playing.