So far LOOP has received plaudits from the likes of Wonderland, Clash, The Line of Best Fit and The 405. Mind you, who fucking hasn't? LOOP is really quite good though.

You'll remember her 'no doubt' from May's 'Call Me Loop' EP, which included the hits 1 'As If' and (the best of the lot) 'Know Me Better'. 2

On the col­lab­or­a­tion front LOOP isn't messing around with sprightly, R&B-infused tropical slinker  'Maybe I'm A Liar' — she's roped in Xenomania producer Toby Scott, for a start. But what, you ask, is this enjoyable pop romp all about? STOP ASKING, WE'VE GOT THE ANSWER RIGHT HERE. The text LOOP has chosen to supply to a press release is as follows:

"With the song theme in mind, I really wanted to play up the super con­ver­sa­tional style of the verses — like you're actually hearing the stream of con­scious­ness going on in her head as she pulls you into her day."

Conversationality is a much-under­val­ued pop value and we salute LOOP for whacking it into her song.

You can keep up with LOOP over on Twitter, Facebook and Spotify.

  1. Well not hits as such but what really is a hit in the modern world of pop?

  2. According to Spotify stats 'Know Me Better' is the least-streamed song on the EP, yet another example of the public being wrong about everything.