You are going to go bloody mental when you hear this chorus.

Hanna released an album in 2011 and an album in 2012 (they're both on Spotify) and releases her third in 2014; it's called 'Stillness & Panic' and according to some blurb in our inbox it is the product of "the musical landscape in which everything is allowed: electronica, noise, acoustic guitar, loops, sounds of burning rubber and her father’s brass band in Sykkylven, Norway".

If for any reason the 'One Plus One Makes One Out Of Two' chorus leaves you feeling that 'Stillness & Panic' might not be one of your favourite Sunday morning albums of the year, another song 'Don't Remember I Forgot You' - which will also be on the album - is also on SoundCloud. It, too, is very good.

Label: Jansen Plate Production
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