Remember Hannah Jane Lewis? Of course you do, we wrote about one of her songs a few months ago.

Back then we'd heard but couldn't yet write about 'Hide And Go Seek', an ambitious and extremely sat­is­fy­ing tune that gives the strongest indic­a­tion yet that HJL has most of what it takes to be a big popstar and is capable of picking up the rest as she goes along.

"'Hide And Go Seek'," Hannah says in a quote we have copied and pasted from an email, "is about a guy who plays hard to get, when you aren't inter­ested in playing games at all. It's kind of a plea to stop dancing around the fact that you both like each other, and to just take a risk and go for it."

And so the popular genre of songs that basically say "stop being a dick and get your kit off" has a new entry, hot on the heels of Ariana's 'Into You'.

Hannah's got a whole EP, which is being billed as her debut, and it's out tomorrow. It is three songs long, which is ideal, and includes 'all the hits'. She's on Twitter if you fancy giving her a follow.