You will be wanting to keep a very close eye on this pair.

Here's some PR waffle: "This is the first musical offering from Eli & Fur, a duo who have been making music together since college. Living in London and friends since the age of 16 they have both been passionate about music from a young age. Eli has been singing, playing guitar and writing songs since she was 12 while Fur grew up fixated on art and design whilst listening to a whole spectrum of pop, dance and house music. Over the years both girls became obsessed with creating melodies and lyrics together, writing, playing and programming their own tracks, drawing from both their musical influences and experiences ... Working without an agent the girls have chased all and any opportunities for DJ slots, managing to get their hands on a selection of great gigs in and around London and as far afield as Tokyo and Los Angeles. Also appearing at Glade and Glastonbury last summer."

What does it all mean? Well, all we really need to know for now is that this whole Eli & Fur 'thing' is basically a British Rebecca & Fiona meets Mini Viva (or any other amazing female pop duo) with a bit of Annie thrown in. And you can't go wrong with a bit of that.

This is a free download in the player below or at this link, if you're interested.

(and it's a free download too)
Label: TBA
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