Alesha Dixon: nobody bought her last record, she doesn't care. Instead she's ploughing ahead with 'Knockdown', which is a complete blinder and one of the best Xenomania pro­duc­tions of the last couple of years.

Here is the video. 

If you can't get YouTube on your computer, you're missing a Posh new hairdo, the line "sitting up by my window" accom­pan­ied by a shot of Alesha SITTING! UP! BY! A! WINDOW!, a frankly ludicrous routine to go with the frankly ludicrous "hahahaha-ha ha" bit, a suc­ces­sion of stupid hats and a Mis-Tabulous 'hip-hop breakdown' bit at the end.

We give it two months before DFS are using this to advertise their knockdown bank holiday sofa deals. This can only be a good thing.