In this week's new releases, or at least the ones that have popped up on Spotify:

  • Alright this week's a bit com­plic­ated. First off Sia's incred­ible 'The Greatest' is obviously the best song of the last seven days, but she put it out on Tuesday and having looked at the rulebook that means she's not eligible to be crowned Song Of The Week. Sorry Furler but if you're going to break the rules of New Music Friday you have only yourself to blame.
  • The other com­plic­a­tion is that we're not listening to the Lady Gaga single, so we've based its placing in this week's playlist on the comments we're seeing on social media. Blimey.
  • The Röyksopp and Susanne Sundfør track is a massive modern disco tune, a brilliant surprise and a good lesson in unself­con­scious pop creation, knowing your audience and being familiar with precisely how broad that audience's tastes are.
  • KDA and Tinashe's 'Just Say' — which we reckon could be this autumn's big sleeper hit — gets a great remix from Ashley Beedle. Sadly following the closure of Fabric we must report that all dance music is now banned so listen at your peril and be aware that the local council may close your Spotify account and build luxury apart­ments and a branch of Pret in its place.
  • The Rhythm Method continue to be cha­ris­matic and confusing (and amazing).
  • Petite Meller partially-beyoncéd her debut album at midnight; 'Geez' is an enjoyably perky semi-ballad.
  • Tove Lo's 'Influence' feels like she's con­tinu­ing to pull away from some of the idio­syn­crasies that made 'Queen Of The Clouds' so special but let's see how the album turns out, shall we?
  • For reasons not yet clear, Vérité has covered The 1975's 'Somebody Else'. Still: excellent song continues to be excellent. (It's a proper cover too, not some knocked-off-in-twenty-minutes acoustic bollocks.)
  • The James Arthur single is far better than you'd expect a James Arthur single to be at this point. Hard to imagine listening to it delib­er­ately, but fair play.
  • You will be surprised to hear that Lunchmoney Lewis is involved in this week's worst single.

We didn't include 'Kings Of Leon', apols.

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