'Dawson's Geek' hitmakers Busted will release their third album on November 11. The album is called 'Night Driver'.

That image below is the album's artwork, obviously.


Yes they have seen the film Drive.

Last night Alex Metric abso­lutely did not confirm (did confirm) his involve­ment on Twitter, the social network that allows users to post messages of 140 or fewer char­ac­ters.

Below is the album's track­list­ing. If you pre-order it you get 'Coming Home' instantly, although obviously it was given out as free download back in May.

1. Coming Home
2. Night Driver
3. On What You're On
4. New York
5. Thinking Of You
6. Without It
7. One Of A Kind
8. I Will Break Your Heart
9. Kids With Computers
10. Easy
11. Out Of Our Minds
12. Those Days Are Gone

Here's what they had to say about the album. WARNING: It's not good news if you're expecting twelve more 'Year 3000's.

As soon as we started making music it became very apparent that we all wanted to make exactly the same thing,” says Matt. “We'd been listening to dance and pop producers like Skrillex (Justin Bieber) and Max Martin (The Weeknd) who both started off in rock bands."

The last thing we wanted to do was try to recreate what we used to have,” says James. “It belongs to that time. All real artists evolve, all real artists try things, it’s unnatural not to.”

On this record we’re older, we’ve had com­pletely different exper­i­ences than what we’d have been talking about ten years ago,” says Charlie. “It’s an authentic reflec­tion of who we are today.”

Oh and there's a trailer thing too: