In this week's new releases, or at least the ones that have popped up on Spotify:

  • The Olly Murs single we went a bit berserk about earlier in the week is, as promised, incred­ible.
  • The Kloe single whose video we went a bit berserk about earlier in the week is, as outlined, incred­ible.
  • The Feed Me and Nina Nesbitt single we went a bit berserk about yesterday is, still, incred­ible.
  • Allie X has chucked out a new song! It sounds like a super-pop Chvrches, ie very good indeed.
  • The drummer out of Hot Chip, ie Pillow Person, has made a brilliant wobbly pop single called 'Go Ahead'.
  • Very promising singer Maty Noyes, who's worked with The Weeknd and Kygo, releases her debut solo single today. 'Keep an eye on this one' is the sort of thing people tend to say in scenarios such as this.
  • The Phoebe Ryan balloon continues to deflate.
  • The less said about the John Newman single the better.
  • Well done to everyone involved in the Léon project — the new A-Trak remix of 'Tired Of Talking' makes this bril­liantly dis­tinct­ive tune sound like every other fucking song out there! Seriously, well done all concerned. ?

We didn't include 'Biffy Clyro', apols.

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