Feed Me is a man called Jon Gooch. His 2013 album 'Calamari Tuesday' was pretty good but let's not get bogged down in a bloody history lesson when the sun's out because today is all about what Feed Me's doing next.

And that includes:

  • An EP called 'Family Reunion'…
  • …which is out tomorrow…
  • …and includes this abso­lutely brilliant col­lab­or­a­tion with Nina Nesbitt.

The song finds Nesbo musing that "what the world needs now is a little more peace, a little less speed, a little per­spect­ive on how to sort itself out" which in any other year might sound, at best, a bit on the optim­istic side. In 2016 its sentiment com­pletely hits the spot.

Whoever would have thought Nina Nesbitt would be the woman to make sense of the bleak times in which we currently find ourselves? And yet here we are.