What's being said on the Popjustice forums?

Let's have a little look.

Are the results of several recent music awards causing shock and disbelief among the members of the Popjustice forums?

Splutters SwingingLondontown: "Ooooh it's a night for relative surprises…"

Were the choices of the panel at the Popjustice £20 Music Prize Awards met with approval by those unable to attend?

Snorts Hullaballoo: "The fact that Bodyrox came third annoys me. No way is it that good."

Is anyone willing to own up to having bought the DanceX single?

Admits AcerBen: "I bought it. It has a nice version of 'I'm Coming Out' on it."

Was the response to the tabloid stuff about Amelle being sacked from Sugababes met with sensible sug­ges­tions regarding the future of the band?

Sensibly suggests Jimbob1311: "Can we not make the Sugababes a bit like Big Brother — the public could vote by text which one to get rid of every two years…"


(FYI that cover of 'I'm Coming Out' on the Dance X b-side is literally the worst thing every recorded.)