Notes on this week's new releases:

  • Josef Salvat (who returns this week with Modern Anxiety, a song whose video you should watch on your mobile telephone): WHAT A MAN, WHAT AN ARTISTE, WHAT AN ENTITY.
  • No idea why The Rubens have made a totally brilliant pop song, possibly an admin­is­trat­ive error but here we are.
  • Charlotte Lawrence has this week's best song title: God Must Be Doing Cocaine. Quite Magnetic Fieldsy, as song­titles go. And that's probably it, isn't it, when you look at the state of the world these days. God is just abso­lutely of His tits. (God does not exist.)
  • Krystal Klear, who should produce the next Pet Shop Boys album, as well as everything else by everyone else, has a new EP out today and Entre Nous is the bangingest song on it.
  • By 'next Pet Shop Boys album' I mean the one that's out after the one that's out next year. The latest song from that is in this week's playlist and it's full-on pensive. (Actually, thinking about it, Entre Nous is a very PSB song title. GET KRYSTAL KLEAR IN THE STUDIO WITH NEIL AND CHRIS NOW.)
  • Not sure how I feel about the 'col­labor­ashawn' (oh dear) version of Taylor's Lover, a Q4 streamchase reswizzle sort of dimin­ishes the dir­ect­ness and purity of the original but I appre­ci­ate that in the current 'pop' 'ecosystem' this sort of objection is a bit of a cloud yell.
  • Vita Bergan suffers from exactly the same problem as Lilla Vargen. Not a musical one — they're both quite good — but because of the simple fact that it's impossible to see either of their names without feeling the com­pul­sion to bellow "HEY! TOUCHED FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME".