As well as Pang being the pop album of the year and a modern mas­ter­piece in its own right, it seems like Caroline Polachek has also made the album countless other artists either wish they made or think they made. The whole lot's right at the top of this week's playlist. (Also, is she going to make 'NO INTERLUDES NO FEATS' into a t-shirt or am I going to have to make my own?)

Additional notes:

  • Gryffin's Maia Wright col­lab­or­a­tion recalls the Gryffin we all (well about nine of us) first fell in love with 'back in the day'.
  • Grace VanderWaal has now signed with Syco, which is quite inter­est­ing and also great news because the greater her audience, the closer she'll get to the Radio 1 Live Lounge, and the more likely it therefore is that she'll cover Wonderwall and change the lyrics to "after all, I'm Grace VanderWall". All pop careers, whether the artists know it or not, are heading towards one big moment, and that one's Grace's.
  • The new Julie Bergan EP is v good!