Notes on this week's releases:

  • As we said yesterday Janelle Monáe's totally bol­locksed it for everyone else this week (/month/year) by releasing Make Me Feel.
  • Imagine knowing you had Make Me Feel coming out and thinking "oh I might as well also chuck out another song that's just as good except in different ways for different reasons". THIS IS WHAT JANELLE MONÁE HAS DONE — her other song's Django Jane.
  • Millie Turner continues on her road to BBC Sound Of 2019 glory with You And I.
  • HALIE (pro­nounced 'Hahh-lee') is worth keeping your eye on — Youth is a bold and brilliant debut and she's from Bergen which auto­mat­ic­ally makes her very special indeed.
  • We get why Paloma Faith's done it but, fucking hell, Sigala really needs to start trying harder. Sweet Lovin' feels like a very long time ago.
  • This week legendary guitar band was reported to be on the brink of bank­ruptcy and now we know why: even 5 Seconds Of Summer have moved on from the sound of their first album. Want You Back's pretty perky, but it'd shame to hear the band get sucked any further into the sonic black hole of stream-friendly Spotpop.
  • Robinson, the singer with the best name in pop, is back! Nothing To Regret is ace, and co-produced by Joel Little.
  • The Raye vs Mabel vs Stefflon Don song is perfectly fine.
  • Time to wheel out, once again, the 'desperate times call for Despacito measures' line: Ricky Martin's got a new single out.
  • David Guetta x Martin Garrix is precisely as creative and boundary-busting as you'd expect.

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