It's an admin nightmare. The emails. The phonecalls. The letters. Oh Christ, the letters. One after another they come. It's been going on for years. And they all ask one question: "Popjustice, when oh when will you cover The National on your online popular music pub­lic­a­tion?"

Well ladies and gentlemen the time has now come.

The day is here!

Release the doves, it's finally happening.

But we're not here today to write about any of the band's normal nonsense and we will, instead, focus solely on warbler Matt 'Matt Berninger' Berninger. And only because he's turned up, like some sort of Pitchfork Pitbull, providing 'guest vox' to the new CHVRCHES track My Enemy, which leaked earlier this week ahead of today's premiere and is, appar­ently, track four on the band's new album.

And that's how it starts isn't it, readers? The old TRVJAN Horse. The THVN end of the wedge. The WVLF in sheep's clothing. One minute you're thinking "hold on, maybe The So-Called 'National' are worth my time after all, perhaps I should invest­ig­ate" and the next thing you know you're listening to Sorrow for six hours straight, then before you know it you're booking tickets to the sort of festival where everyone's in bed by 11pm.

Anyway Lauren sounds like Robyn and Berno sounds 280% better on top of a CHVRCHES song so it's win/win to be honest.