2011's hottest pop trend is gathering pace.


Let's start things off by visiting Birdboard.com — one of our favourite bird forums — where they're very excited about the new Steven Tyler video. The low-budget (hem hem) '(it) Feels So Good' clip isn't messing around: it features this parrot footage within its first ten seconds.

"He seems to enjoy birds and even owns a Cockatiel," notes Budgie97128 on the Birdboard forum. "I think you'll find Madonna owned a Cockatiel first," replies someone else. (We made up the second one for comic effect, and jolly amusing it was too. A-ho ho ho.)


Then there's the video for Patrick Wolf's new single, 'House' . As you know, Patrick recently got in touch with Popjustice to explain that he invented pop's 2011 parrot trend,
and we're pleased to see that his com­mit­ment to parrots continues with the 'House' video'.

What's good about Patrick's strong com­mit­ment to parrots is that while it might be pleasant to see artists like Steven Tyler, Friendly Fires and Oh My! including parrots in their work, it can seem slightly exploit­at­ive and token­istic, and that's not really what this about at all. Patrick's love of parrots is true and hon­our­able.

Sadly it's not all good news from Patrick, because we're dismayed to note that the 'House' video also includes A TOUCAN. Who the fuck would put a toucan in a pop video? It's a shame that Patrick, who has done so much for parrots, is the one who has to go and ruin it all with Toucan imagery.

We suppose you could even say it was irony.



A slightly sheepish looking man knocked on our office door this morning. Or should we say A PARROTISH MAN because he was holding this.

We've said it before, we'll say it again: you cannot go wrong with a 36" helium-filled metallic parrot.

But what's that note attached to the bottom of this beautiful bird?

Oh dear you can't read that very well can you. Basically the note on the bottom of the 'carrier parrot' says that Oh My! have been keeping an eye on Parrotwatch and thought we would like our own parrot. "What will you call him?" they ask.



We love the trio's Carly Simon inter­pol­at­ing new single 'Don't Know Why' and the video is a lot of fun, but their choice of bird is a huge, huge mistake and someone needs to step up and take respons­ib­il­ity for this. 

Close, but budger­igar.

(No cigar.)

(Oh please yourselves.)