Below you will see the setlist (via @ChrisThePhoenix) from La Roux's very low key comeback revue in Brighton yesterday evening. It was the first of three shows (Bristol's on April 2 with Coventry on April 5) aimed at making sure she's ready for The Americans later in April.

If you look closely at the setlist you will see…


…that we have angled it slightly in Photoshop.

But you will also see FOUR NEW SONGTITLES and every single one of those song­titles is amazing.

'Uptight Downtown'

'Kiss And Not Tell'

(Probably 'Sexotheque' but not to worry)

'Tropical Chancer'

This is what we're talking about ladies and gentlemen. Songtitles that are stylish and inter­est­ing and a little bit funny.

"But what does La Roux look like in 2013?" you are no doubt wondering. "Does she still have 'the hair'? Does she still have hair at all?" Well here is a picture from last night via Popjustice viewer Dan Gough…

la roux brighton march 29

…who notes that "La Roux’s new material is so damn catchy. Such progress. 'Tropical Chancer' is pure 80s summer."

The hair appears to be in place.

EDIT: Videos have now appeared.

'Tropical Chancer':

'Uptight Downtown':

'Kiss & Not Tell':


Well these all sound quite promising.