Back in November, and very much out of the blue, 'Popjustice Editor Peter Robinson' received a Facebook message from a true Eurovision Song Contest legend.



For those of you with short memories, Daz Sampson is the UK hip-hop titan respons­ible for this…

…and this…

…and this…

…and, in 2006, this United Kingdom Eurovision entry.

Anyway, we had a think about Daz's question — should he go for Eurovision glory in 2013? — and sent back a message. It didn't take him long to respond.


It's hard to read that last message without feeling a very strong sense of 'BLOODY HELL'. Somehow the con­ver­sa­tion briefly came to a halt, but Daz wasn't about to let this one go.


Now readers, we're not exactly com­fort­able with all this talk of 'slappers' although perhaps that's just a part of the hip-hop lexicon like all that 'bitch' and 'ho' business.

Anyway for one reason or another the con­ver­sa­tion slipped for a second time, until this week when it was felt that now the time was right to probe Daz on what happened to the song.


And that, readers, is the end of this par­tic­u­lar Eurovision story.

We hope that one day the song in question, with or without 'slapper', will make its way into the public domain. We can't help but feel that whatever it might have been — and knowing Daz like we do, it could have been literally anything — would have been prefer­able to Bonnie Tyler's effort. :(