This new Kate Boy video popped up on YouTube yesterday, and jolly good it (where 'it' is the video itself but also the song that is playing along in the back­ground) is too.

It's for a song that has been knocking around for a while anyway, but the video is so well executed that it makes the song seem approx­im­ately twice as good.

Kate Boy are probably one of our favourite Pop Music For People Who Don't Like Pop Music* bands at the moment so it will be good to see what else they've got up their sleeves.

» Here's their EP on iTunes if you want it
» Here's an interview on Pitchfork
» And here they are on Facebook and Twitter.

* What is Pop Music For People Who Don't Like Pop Music? Well the tunes are often great pop and the artists them­selves are often stylish, pro­voc­at­ive and inter­est­ing, but if you can throw the term "they're not exactly going to come up with 'Stronger' by Kelly Clarkson are they" at them, and if they launch through Pitchfork and Zane Lowe and buzzy mentions in NME and that sort of thing, they're probably Pop Music For People Who Don't Like Pop Music. Of course, Pop Music For People Who Don't Like Pop Music can also be Pop Music That Is Liked By People Who Do Like Pop Music, and the process of breaking an act through more altern­at­ive avenues is often a marketing strategy rather than anything pissy or aloof on the artist's part (or even on the part of the media outlets). Perhaps the term should be Pop Music Initially Marketed At People Who Don't Like Pop Music. Basically, though, if anyone ever says to you something along the lines of "oh yeah I love pop music — good pop music though like AlunaGeorge etc etc etc", you are in the presence of a Person Who Likes Pop Music For People Who Don't Like Pop Music. Perhaps this genre needs a new name. Is Pitchpop a bit them-and-us? You get the general idea though, right? Right. PItchfork actually did quite a good piece on this sort of thing a few months ago, if you have a few minutes to spare. Anyway, we cover loads of this sort of stuff on Popjustice, and we suppose the point is that like most other types of pop, Pop Music For People Who Don't Like Pop music is best digested as part of a balanced diet. Incidentally here's the new CHVRCHES video in case you missed it yesterday.