It is claimed that The X Factor's ludicrous/possibly amazing eight-piece boyband are still looking for a name. They are even running a com­pet­i­tion to look for a suitable moniker.

Let's assume for one moment that this is a genuine pre­dic­a­ment and not one that has been invented in an attempt to increase #engage­ment in the run-up to the live finals. Let's just go with it and accept that this band does actually need a decent name.

Here are 25 sug­ges­tions, any one of which would surely be perfect.

1. Better Eight Than Never

2. Huit Just A Goddamn Minute

3. #8anter

4. It Must Be Something I Eight

5. Love Octually

6. 8 Seconds Of Q4

7. A Huge Evergrowing Pulseighting Boyband That Rules From The Centre Of Fountain Studios

8. Byte

9. Variable Interest R8

10. Middle Eight

11. Bottom Eight

12. Maids-A-Milking

13. One Fat Lady

14. Magic 8 Ball

15. Magic 16 Balls

16. TUV

17. Identical Hairpieces Of Eight

18. 5ive And Some Spares

19. Green With EnVIII

20. Triple 8 ÷ 3

21. 2w0Cub3d

22. Myriad Directions

23. Eight Boys One Haircut

24. Leave It M8 It’s Not Worth It

25. OctAve A Banana

You're welcome, mystery X Factor boyband. You are so welcome.

(Readers — if you'd like to use one of the above names to enter that com­pet­i­tion please go right ahead — they do st8 "don't use the number or word 8" quite clearly but we think some of our sug­ges­tions are strong enough to make them change their minds.)