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Kylie’s chosen her new single and it sounds bloody amazing

Kylie Minogue has done an interview with a French newspaper (thank you Simon C for eing us the link) and in that interview she says various things about her new album. The interview is, for obvious reasons, all in French, but thanks to the wonders of Google Translate we can tell […]

Beyonce new

Pharrell’s put Beyoncé’s tardiness down to her star sign

Pharrell Williams thinks the reason Beyoncé’s taking so bloody long to release this album of hers is because she’s a Virgo. Chatting to Billboard about some of the albums he’s been working on of late, the ‘Belly Dancer’ hitmaker mentioned Beyoncé’s much-ayed opus and said the following when asked to […]


Sky Ferreira’s put a bit of a new song online

‘Obsession’ hitmaker Sky Ferreira’s plonked a bit of what might be a new song onto her Instagram account. The captionless video is in black and white (arty), features a close-up of a mic stand and los to be in a recording booth. The song playing in the background doesn’t have […]


Robyn’s “nowhere near finished” with her new music

Quite good singer of song Robyn has ‘revealed’ that she’s only just started working on new music and that she’s not really sure what she’s going to do with it yet to be honest. “I’ve started working again,” she confirmed to The Guardian. “I don’t know what it will be […]


Sky Ferreira’s only gone and finished that fucking album of hers

Sky Ferreira’s finished that bloody album she’s been working on since the dawn of time itself. The ‘Obsession’ hitmaker celebrated this near miracle by posting the picture you see above on her Instagram account. Mind you, she’s finished a couple of albums before, so let’s not get too excited just […]


We’re on the edge… Of something

A new Lady Gaga album is out at some point between now and the end of 2013 and we would like you to try and predict when we, The Internet, will hear the first piece of new music from the 21st century’s definitive pop thing. What you will win if […]

Mutya Keisha Siobhan

Mutya Keisha Siobhan’s ‘Boys’: a Q&A

Today, Mutya Keisha Siobhan have put ‘pon de internet’ a small portion of an acousticy version of their first new song in one billion years. It’s called ‘Boys’. The acoustic version is all very well, of course, but you might be wondering about the actual studio version of the track. […]


Do you remember when Nicole Scherzinger did this on The X Factor?

Now that was good wasn’t it. Just at the point where you think ‘right we’ve seen enough now thanks’ it’s all BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG lasers o’clock. We don’t mind saying, ladies and gentlemen, that our hopes for Nicole’s upcoming single ‘Boomerang’ are absurdly high. Yet all we have […]


Let’s just remind ourselves of Girls Aloud’s three best singles

Lo, we like a countdown as much as anyone else but sometimes you can’t go wrong with solid pop music and pop music doesn’t come much solid than these bonafide, epoch-defining blasts of popmindblowingness. Girls Aloud’s Third Best Single Is: ‘SOMETHING KINDA OOOOH’ Nothing quite encapsulates Girls Aloud’s ‘Top […]

Girls Aloud not wearing hats

Apparently Girls Aloud filmed a video for their new single yesterday

According to a well-placed ‘source’ who’s friendly with your friends and ours over at The Mirror, Girls Aloud filmed a video for their new single yesterday. In fact, this ‘insider’ seemed to know quite a bit about what’s been happening ‘vis-a-vis’ the band’s comeback. “The girls recorded tracks with their […]


Poll: Should Hurts be bloody getting on with it or what

In 2000-and-whenever-it-was Hurts ivered a popcultural product of extremely high quality in the shape of their debut album ‘Happiness’. Tunes. Cheekbones. Haircuts. They had it all. Since then they have been pissing about doing live shows, ‘going quiet’ etc. Obviously they have been recording their second album which is all […]