Florrie'Seashells' hitmaker Florrie's confirmed that her album is now finished and that she doesn't plan on releasing anymore EPs thank you very much.

"My album is now finished and I am so happy with it," she mused to The 405, which is how we know it is finished.

She also talked a bit about why it's taken so long etc.

"You know, I have spent a lot of time in the studio finishing the album and that is something I really wanted to do by the time I started putting stuff out, so that I have the time to keep it going and there wouldn't be any more gaps," she explained.

"So the next thing I release will be a single and then probably another couple of singles but this will be my last EP."

Mind you, just because the album's done doesn't mean it's coming out just yet.

"I hope that it will be out towards the end of this year… but you never know. I have actually picked the first three singles [CAN ONE OF THEM BE THIS PLEASE] but we are just thinking about the order of releasing them at the moment. Not sure which one [HOW ABOUT THIS] to do first."

We know this all seems to be taking a long time but we live in a world where a second La Roux album def­in­itely exists so hold on in there.