The Briefing > February 7, 2013

He’s bringing specstests back

His comeback single might suggest that Justin Timberlake’s ears are in need of more urgent attention, but this eyetest-themed monstrosity is the artwork for his new album. It’s called ‘The 20/20 Experience’, you see.


Do you not think that at any point in the execution of this ‘artwork’ someone said to Justin, “look ‘man’, we completely understand the no-pun-intended vision you have for this artwork but you’re just going to look like a bit of a fool”?

Because a fool is exactly what Justin Timberlake looks like.

Chris Lowe did not look like a fool in the olden days.


But that is because Chris Lowe did not try to wear the optometric paraphernalia as some sort of ridiculous wighat.


Let’s look at the real Justin artwork again.


No, it’s still bad, isn’t it. He just looks silly.

Moral: should’ve gone to selfrespectsavers.