The Briefing > November 7, 2012

3X Popstars Who Look Like They’re Here On Work Experience

Some artists are born to conquer. They have x factor. They have swagger. When they walk into a room heads turn. Other artists, meanwhile, walk into a room and are immediately asked to fetch coffee. Here are 3X popstars who are more at the Horan end, than the Styles end, of the popgravitas spectrum.

1 Ed Sheeran

Here’s a picture Capital FM presenter Rich Clarke tweeted earlier today. You’ll note that Sheero definitely has the look of someone getting his picture taken with famous people on the last day of a two week placement.

2 Owl City

Take a look at this video in which Owl interacts with Carly Rae Jepsen. One of these people is obviously a globe-straddling pop warbler in full control of their persona. The other is just one fluffed line away from being sent out to buy paperclips.

3 Conor Maynard

Conor is a very special inclusion on this list. Not just because in almost every picture on Google Images he is either pointing at or being pointed at by a celebrity, but because as well as looking like he’s in pop on work experience, he also looks like he’s here as a competition winner. We’d say the picture with Niall ‘Just Happy To Be Here’ Horan is the real classic here: despite Conor being taller (which would usually suggest at least some element of dominance) and despite the fact that he’s with Niall Horan, Maynard still looks like he’s the one who’s about to get a bollocking for sending an important letter by post rather than motorcycle courier.

So there you have it. 3X popstars who look like they’re here on work experience.