What are you doing next March? Well, you'll need to put the bins out every Tuesday for a start, but on March 13 you will also be opening up your iTunes and watching with AWE as your pre-ordered MP3 of '5-HT' downloads itself into your music library.

Produced by Richard X, the band's latest blast of (ahem) "modern wave pop noir" bathes in warm happy hardcorisms and is at once deliciously melodramatic sweeping and fantastically focused.

Sarah from The Good Natured explains that “5-HT is a chemical within the human body which helps to release serotonin in our brains. The song explores the contrast between love and pain, and the notion that love is a drug”.

Look, we know the whole your-love-is-a-drug thing is a bit played out in pop but at least Sarah's bothered going on Wikipedia for a new angle, right?

Other information:

  • There are mixes from Kat Krazy, Ghostwerk , Loadstar and Duncan Murray.
  • The b-side is their cover of Fine Young Cannibals' 'She Drives Me Crazy'.
  • The album's finally out next summer.
  • They've worked with Patrik Berger on it.
  • They've also done a thing with Vince Clarke  it's a song called ‘Ghost Train’.
  • They're managed by Martin Kierszenbaum off Cherrytree Records don't you know.

So there you go. Here is the song. It's very good.

Label: Regal
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