This is a big one.

Basically we got an email in the early hours of Saturday morning. "I'm SVĒ," it began, "a music artist based out of Brooklyn, and a huge fan of your site."

Informative and flattering: a winning combination. But not much use without decent music to back it up, right? Well, 'Talking To The Walls' is very decent indeed.

Své's email went on to say a bit about her music and the video whose link was included at the bottom ("in honor of Q4"). "No one has seen it yet, let alone heard the song," she said. "It is dark and it is cinematic."

Well the video is certainly dark and cinematic, but for the time being we're going to premiere the song for you today. It is quite something. It sounds like quite something from the start, but when the first chorus hits it becomes very special indeed. During the final minute and a half, when it's all properly going off, the song becomes truly incredible. Like, Sia-writing-for-an-A-List-superstar incredible.

We had a bit of an chat with Své over the weekend. She explained that she was unsigned, didn't have a publicist, didn't even have a manager; she said she loved Max Martin. She said she wrote her own songs, having majored in songwriting at college, and that they've been produced by Kyle Patrick, whose other work we've featured a few times before on Popjustice. She even sent over some other tracks, which are just as good as 'Talking To The Walls'.

Anyway, here's the song. Expect to hear a lot more from Své in 2013.

(Oh, and when you start banging on about Své to anyone who'll listen - as we have done for the last few days - you'll want to know how to pronounce her name. It is, according to the lady herself, pronounced 'sv(eeee)'.)

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