We are sure that you shared our passion for Booty Luv behemoths like 'Boogie 2Nite', 'Shine' and 'Don't Mess With My Man'.

We are certain, also, that you loved 2009's big belting comeback single 'Say It', with its rave alarm effect, as much as we did. But after that single's release, days passed, then days turned to weeks, and weeks to months. After Booty Luv had been gone from our lives for a year we wondered when we would next hear from Cherise and Nadia. Sometimes, in our darkest hours, we considered a world in which that 'when' was an 'if'. But deep down we never gave up hope. And where there was darkness now there is light.


In our hearts they never went away.

'Black Widow' will be right up your street if you like Nicole Scherzinger and J-Lo album tracks. That doesn't sound quite as complimentary as we were hoping but we hope you know that it comes from a very pure and honest place.

Much like the music itself.


Label: Pierce Entertainment
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