Maybe you know her from eating a camel's wang with some camembert on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Perhaps you know her as second lead vocalist in Pussycat Dolls.

It doesn't really matter how you first came across Ashley, the point is that she is about to embark on a pretty exciting solo adventure and the first single to be lifted from her upcoming album is 'Clockwork', which was produced by Red Triangle (Little Mix, 5 Seconds Of Summer, The Saturdays).

"Well," you might be thinking, "this breezy, hard-not-to-like pop tune all sounds very pleasant but what the bollocks is this song actually about?" Perhaps this query troubles you. You may even be feeling quite angry - or upset. Well just calm down a minute because here is a quote from Ashley herself. "'Clockwork' represents a relationship that had its moment and when it did it was fireworks," is the first bit of the quote. The second bit of the quote is: "But now it's fizzled out and you want to go back for more fireworks even though it's done. It's dangerous and exciting but may leave you a little scarred.  We've all had one of those."

Props to Ashley for sticking with the firework, we'd have thrown a bucket of sand over it at the first sign of fizzle but that is just one example of why she is an international pop entity and we, frankly, are nothing of the sort.

The single's pre-orderable today and will be out near the end of May, which seems a long way away but that's probably for the best considering the Rita Ora single will be monopolising the Number One position for about two weeks following its May 11 release.

(An album will follow in due course - we've heard some other bits of it and it's rather good actually - but if 'in due course' also seems a long time away and you're interested in hearing more Ashro music right now there's a remix of another song, 'My Song', available as a free download on her website.)

Label: Metropolis
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