Tinie Tempah has been outlining the extreme measures he's employing to prevent his new album leaking.

"It's been an absolute pain to be quite honest with you," he told BBC Newsbeat, before rattling off the various layers of security.

"My sound engineer is so extra, but it makes sense now; basically he's got a hard-drive that's got a code on it and a physical lock so he locks it, he puts the code on it and then we have a safe, you know like a normal safe, like a vault, where you'd hide jewellery [WE KNOW WHAT A SAFE IS TINIE] and then he hides that and he locks it."


"So we've been really really anal with it but hopefully it's worth­while," he continued.

Imagine if they forgot the code or lost the key for the lock. Or if the album was really shit after all that.