Gwen Stefani

Sia's written a song on the new Gwen Stefani album called 'Start A War', so that's good.

Having a chat with Spin, the 'Early Winter' hitmaker said the following things about her forth­com­ing — but clearly nowhere near finished — third solo opus:

"I just did stuff with Calvin Harris too. I've got a good start on the record. Sia and I did a session with Pharrell and No Doubt. She's a genius and I love working with her. There's a song on the record called 'Start A War' that she wrote that I'm very grateful for. I think that girls are gonna love that one."

Are you going to go back in the studio with Pharrell though?

"I'm gonna def­in­itely go back in with Pharrell, and I know that I want to work with Diplo. There's so many people!"

She also said a bit more about her col­lab­or­a­tion with Charli XCX and how actually they didn't really work on any songs together as such.

"Yeah, the way that Charli and I worked together was that we really didn't work together. [Laughs.] She wrote with Benny [Blanco] and then I wrote with Benny sep­ar­ately. I wrote her an email and was like, "This is so weird that I haven't ever met you and now we have this song." I think out of all the writers out there, male and female, I really like her style the most."

Great news.