A new six-part, primetime music TV show is being launched by the BBC this autumn, it's been announced.

Each episode will be 30 minutes long and — according to Music Week — will feature live per­form­ances, sketches and inter­views.


Independent pro­duc­tion company Fulwell 73 (who make James Corden's stuff, among other things, and made Corden a partner earlier this year) has been com­mis­sioned to produce the series, while specific details about what the shows might include will be 'unveiled' later in the summer.

Your friend and ours Bob Shennan, director of BBC Radio and BBC Music, said the following words:

The BBC is the biggest music broad­caster in the UK and we are always looking for new ways to bring music to our audiences. This series will be a fantastic oppor­tun­ity to showcase the biggest and best UK and inter­na­tional bands and artists and we’re looking forward to working with one of the world’s most innov­at­ive and creative TV pro­duc­tion companies.”

Gabe Turner, who works for the "one of the world's most innov­at­ive and creative TV pro­duc­tion companies" had this to say about it all:

"We’re delighted to be working with the BBC on such an exciting series. The BBC’s heritage in creating and broad­cast­ing world class music TV is second to none — their classic music shows were a big part of our child­hoods growing up as fans devouring everything pop culture. The range of genres and different styles that people are listening to now is more diverse than ever before, and it’s a great time to be making a show that gives a main­stream TV platform to the most exciting stuff out there."

This could go either way but it's a grey Wednesday so let's try and remain positive shall we.