Linkin Park col­lab­or­ator Julia Michaels has announced she'll release a "mini-album" on July 28 — ie NEXT FRIDAY! — and it's called 'Nervous System'.

The image contained within her Instagram post shown below is the "mini-album"'s artwork:

Very pleasant. Is she taking her coat off or putting it on, do you think? But then, in a spiritual sense, are any of us really putting on or taking off our coats? Can we ever truly take off a coat, and by the same token can we ever really say we are totally wearing one? Do we wear the coat or does the coat wear us? If the coat is ever phys­ic­ally removed, are we still in a sense wearing the shadow of a coat?

Here's the track­list­ing:

  • Issues
  • Uh Huh
  • Worst In Me
  • Make It Up To You
  • Just Do It
  • Pink
  • Don't Wanna Think

This will likely be highly above average let's be honest.