Ryan Tedder — who, as well as being in a band, also writes songs for other people but rarely gets asked about it — has been working with Selena Gomez on "a very, very, very heartfelt goose-bumpy mid-tempo".

Having a chat to Access Hollywood about, well song­writ­ing for other people, he had quite a lot to say about the 'Trust Nobody' hitmaker.

She knows what she wants, she has a distinct point of view,” he mused. “No amount of hit records, no matter how big they are, if she doesn’t believe it or feel it, she’s not singing it, she’s not keeping it."

This is all very well of course, but what does the new stuff sound like Ryan?

"We’ve done a couple of records, I couldn’t begin to predict what will make her album, but the ones that we did I’m ecstatic about,” he revealed.

Great, go on.

They don’t sound like anything else she has. I’m trying to check boxes she doesn’t have, so I won’t go in to detail other than to say we did a very, very, very heartfelt goose-bumpy mid-tempo."

Sounds like 'Bleeding Love'/'Halo'/'Battlefield'/'Already Gone', ie very much amazing.

As luck would have it, Selena then tweeted this:

So there we are.