Plan B feels like Rolf Harris is his grandad.

Oh yes.

In an interview you can read in full here, the 'Kidz' hitmaker spoke about his new-found con­nec­tion, explain­ing: "When Rolf Harris came up to me after my speech at the Ivor Novellos in 2011 he had tears in his eyes and he said, 'What you said up there inspired me to want to write songs again'."

"I said to him, 'This is so fucked up! I remember watching you draw cartoons when I was four – you haven’t changed. I feel like you’re my grandad because I’ve known you my whole life'."

"He did act like my grandad later that night," the rapper continued. Fear not, it's nothing dodgy. "We had a photo together and as I never smile in pictures, he was telling me, 'Come on, smile! Show your teeth!' I did smile in the end. He’s Rolf fucking Harris – I’ve got to do what he says. You don’t say no to Rolf."

Good point well raised, you just can't say no to Rolf 'Fucking' Harris can you.

Plan B then decided to have a little rant about 'The X Factor' and how "all [these shows] do is boost your profile as a celebrity" and that there are "a lot of pop acts with just a pretty face and a half-decent voice [who] don’t even write their own shit".

"I’m lucky enough to have a gift that allows me to create things from nothing: music, films, fictional char­ac­ters," the humble singer explained, before explain­ing that "others don’t have that, so their work goes into their image as a celebrity".

"So, if I have a gift like this, wouldn’t I be neg­lect­ing it if I appeared on a show like The X Factor?" he wondered, a question that will probably keep most of us up at night for quite a long time.