Mcfly and One Direction have been writing some songs together.

One Direction frontman Niall Horan was one of the first to reveal the news, tweeting: "great session today with @Dannymcfly @dougiemcfly @tommcfly, famous words of danny,"if we cant write a song,we'll have a laugh ! Haha."

Danny then threw his two cents in about the 'session', respond­ing: "Great sesh today with @Harry_Styles @NiallOfficial @Real_Liam_Payne @Louis_Tomlinson @zaynmalik1D Great hangin! shame about ya fifa skills!"

Niall then rounded up the 'banter' by posting a pitcture of Mcfly's Tom holding a pink guitar, which you can see here if you really feel the need to but there's not really much more to it than we've just outlined so we think it's important to manage expect­a­tions.