mollie king

Saturdays front­wo­man Mollie King is launching a solo career and her music will have "a disco vibe with an 80s feel and a big Kylie Minogue influence".

A report in today's Mirror says exactly that.

There are some fire­fight­ing quotes a 'source' saying things like "the girls are still a band" and "there’s no animosity or frus­tra­tion between them" but let's be real here for a minute, Mollie's imminent globe-strad­dling pop dom­in­a­tion and the resulting untold riches might well 'scupper' plans for a Q4 2015 Saturdays album.

(Vanessa's doing some R&B stuff as well, which might be good.)

(Good luck to her and everything but the less said about Una, who has been "honing an acoustic, country sound with her guitar and song­writ­ing skills", the better.)