In 2015, in every corner of the internet, from both music fans and music makers, you'll find pop being so routinely fet­ish­ised without being genuinely enjoyed that it's hard to figure out who's an actual popstar and who's not. But SVĒ is one, and she's a really good one.

We first wrote about the almost ludicrously talented artist at the tail end of 2013. The long and short of it is that as well as being a superb song­writer and a great vocalist she's also a really sharp and smart artist.

She knows the right end of pop from the other end, too: so yes, she may be from Brooklyn, but she also loves Max Martin so much that she even likes the song he did for Celine.

You'll remember her from hits-that-should-have-been like 'Talking To The Walls'…

…and last year's 'Riot'.


But the greatness does not stop there. On June 30 SVĒ's got an an album coming out. It's ten tracks long, like all proper albums, and it's called 'My Religion'. Don't be scared by the moody sounding title because it's all good stuff.

Below you can listen to the title track. Like 'Talking To The Walls' and 'Riot' it's been produced by Kyle Patrick. And like the rest of the album, it is GREAT IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

"The track is about having something that you believe in so whole heartedly that it becomes your religion," SVĒ explains in an email. "In a way, making this album has become my religion."

Obviously June 30 is miles off but if you pre-order the album now on iTunes you get 'My Religion' along with four other songs, which is a bit like getting an EP today plus a surprise second EP in your music library in a few weeks.