Mika has 'unveiled' a half-hour podcast for Q, all about his musical influ­ences.

The podcast, entitled 'From Babs To Madeon Via Beirut', is the first of a series detailing the 'Blame It On The Girls' hitmaker's vast "tapestry" of influ­ences and features songs by, er, Barbara Streisand, Beirut, and Madeon.

In between all that Mika has a bit of a chat about growing up and his influ­ences and etc etc.

"I worked as a classical singer and wanted to write pop songs." he explains. "I grew up listening to jazz, soul, reggae, pop, 60s rock and everything else. It wasn't about lifestyle or icons, it was about music. As we moved from place to place, it was my tape col­lec­tion that I kept bringing around with me."

"To this day the music I make is a result of this clash of cultures and the constant desire to figure out where I come from. Making these radio podcasts is a perfect way to explain and explore the strange tapestry of music that I find inspiring or that just make me feel good."

He likes talking about himself, doesn't he.