Madonna, the singer, has released a statement via the medium of Facebook thanking various people for their help in tracking down the hacker who leaked most of her iTunes library.

Here are the words she used, in the order in which they appeared:

"I am pro­foundly grateful to the FBI, the Israeli Police invest­ig­at­ors and anyone else who helped lead to the arrest of this hacker. I deeply appre­ci­ate my fans who have provided us with pertinent inform­a­tion and continue to do so regarding leaks of my music. Like any citizen, I have the right to privacy. This invasion into my life — cre­at­ively, pro­fes­sion­ally, and per­son­ally remains a deeply dev­ast­at­ing and hurtful exper­i­ence, as it must be for all artists who are victims of this type of crime." -Madonna

It was reported yesterday that after a month-long invest­ig­a­tion involving the FBI, a private invest­ig­a­tion firm and the cyber crime unit of Israel's Lahav 433, a 39-year-old man had been arrested.

According to a statement by Lahav 433 (as quoted here), the suspect "broke into the personal computers of several inter­na­tional artists over the past few months and stole pro­mo­tional final-cut singles which have yet to be released and traded them online for a fee."

The "several inter­na­tional artists" bit is inter­est­ing isn't it. Watch your back Burke!