In more bowel-related pop album news: 'Spit' chanteuse Katy Perry's claimed she has "a lot to flush out of the system" on her next album.

In an interview with the Radio Times (as quoted here), Perry said: "I feel I have a lot to say on the next record. I have a lot to flush out of the system."

Quick to clarify what she meant, she added: "I'm not saying that I'm not going to be the candy queen anymore, but I think it's time for more meat and potatoes."

Mind you, she then con­tra­dicted that when she continued: "With 'Teenage Dream', I created this cotton candy cloud with a kind of a wink and a kiss, and it was all cute and fun and playful. Now it's as if I have had to step off this cloud and face reality."

So that's meat, potatoes, still being a candy queen but also stepping off a cloud and facing reality. Fingers crossed Dr Luke's paying attention.